Oversize Guitar Four Twelve Cabinet

This guitarist staple is hand-built from thirteen ply (3/4") premium void-less Baltic birch with a maple hardwood front frame. The heavy outer shell is dovetailed with half-blind 1/2" dovetail joints. Standing at 32.5" x 30" x 15", the oversize guitar four twelve includes steel corners, textured recessed side handles, and your choice of finish and grille cloth. With added internal volume, this oversize cabinet harbours an increased lower midrange resonance over the standard four twelve cabinet.

Unloaded, the cabinet includes wiring and bolts for mounting your own speakers.

Loaded, the cabinet includes your choice of speakers from the Celestion, Ted Weber, Warehouse, and Eminence brands. If your desired speaker is not listed in the drop down menu, please feel free to reach out.  All speakers from the listed brands are available as options.