A Pursuit of Better Tone.

Atlas Cabinets began in Colorado in 2010 through a personal pursuit for better tonality by means of better guitar and bass cabinets.  With a background in acoustic design and wood-working, I began developing cabinets that better catered to tonal nuances that I was looking for in my own equipment. 

After assembling several iterations of a personal arsenal of cabinets, the initial Atlas back line took shape and eventually took to the road. Through extensive touring with my band and the hand-built arsenal through which we played, ears quickly began to perk to the Atlas tone.  Nightly inquiries at shows across the country escalated to enough gravity that I began to sell the first pieces to other bands who were interested in Atlas Cabinets of their own.  

From this initial spark, the cabinet cascade has now continued for fourteen years with Atlas Cabinets making their way all over the world.  From a few basic designs, I have developed a full product line of guitar and bass cabinets that I am quite proud to share with other musicians.

I look forward to sharing my quest for tone with you.